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Survey for nonbinary people

This survey is open until July 2013: Nonbinary stats

There’s only four “proper” questions, and lots of them are multiple-checkbox, and it is anonymous. Super-quick. Doesn’t ask about gender assigned at birth or biological sex, which is nice.

Submit your answers and share the link about!


A Wiki

I guess I just wanted to let you know that I’ve set up this Practical Non-Binary Wiki to be helpful until someone else makes a better one. But this one has a lot of potential, so you should totally add yo’ gubbins.

Thank you!

Hello world!

Soon this will be a remarkable and information-filled blog/website about being genderqueer and living in the UK. It’ll be run by myself (Cassian) and my good pal Mattie, who’re slowly but surely winding our way through the various legal and administrative rabbits holes of being genderly interesting. Please bookmark us and check back, for we have many ideas and situations to report!