Genderqueer in the UK

All the information you need to be recognised outside of the gender binary

About GQintheUK

We’re just a couple of genderqueer folk, living in South Wales, and navigating our way through the fuzzy waters of coming out and public acceptance. We’re pretty new at this, but just by being out and courageous and talking to people we’re finding out how we fit into the world. If we share our findings with you, perhaps you’ll see how it’s possible, and you can be courageous too.


Ohai. I’m Cassian, I’m 24, and I live mostly on the internet. I like to knit, and I eat too many buenos. I do a webcomic. I have CFS, so I sleep a lot. I’m pursuing physical transition via the NHS, which is so far interesting and full of red tape. My list of labels include polyamorous, pagan, genderqueer, asexual and panromantic.


Information coming soon!

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