Genderqueer in the UK

All the information you need to be recognised outside of the gender binary


My tonsils are being mean to me, with the inflimation of the glands, all that. So I trundle up to my lovely local doctor. I sign in and sit in the waiting room, where an electronic display board flashes the names of patients. My turn.

“Misc. Rose, Mattie to room 5.”

My local NHS GP surgery has accepted Misc as a gender neutral title!

How it happened –

I have been going fairly regularly to the Docs due to other medical problems, and so finally got round to mentioning that I feel misgendered, if not entierly non gendered. I said that I’d like to see a head doctor who could dicuss the matter with me and possibly give me a nice certificate telling people who tell me that I must be one or another to be gone. His reaction was much better than I expected. He asked that I send him as much information as I could to explain what my gender identity was and that he would help me as much as he could. He was pretty damned enthusiastic.

On the way out I filled in a change of personal information form for a new address that asked for a title. I put Misc, with a short explanation of why and promptly forgot about it, untill my tonsils started being mean to me.

All of the excitement!

– Mattie


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