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The UK Deed Poll Service: Mx

I just posted this to Tumblr, but here it is:

They’re the number one result for “deed poll uk” on Google. The UK Deed Poll Service.

Way back, when I was getting my name changed, I asked whether or not they would include any gender-neutral titles in their service, and they told me no. They said that they would only accept titles accepted by official record holders such as the Identity and Passport Service (IPS).

Since getting my new passport, and having the title Misc used on all of the paperwork without any confused looks or questioning, I emailed the UK Deed Poll Service and linked to my blog post with proof that the IPS sent me my passport in an envelope with Misc on it.

I just got a response, part of which is the following:

Since you first emailed us about this subject several months ago, we have been giving it quite a bit of thought and agree that a gender neutral title should be available to anyone who wishes to have one. We have a preference for Mx since Misc is already a well known and frequently used abbreviation for miscellaneous (the non-gender related meaning). Mx would be a unique abbreviation.

Since you have demonstrated some record holders can and will accommodate a new title, we now believe issuing deed polls with Mx as a new title will help force the issue with record holders who are reluctant to recognise the new title.


If you don’t feel like you want to do your own free deed poll, getting a document-with-title made by someone else is now an option for genderqueer people. This is amazing because:

  1. As the person said in the email, other organisations who’re reluctant to recognise the new title can now have a recognised identity organisation thrown at them.
  2. People who are or may be genderqueer but don’t know about the title may see it when applying for deed poll documents, and feel accepted and recognised.

The latter is a BIG DEAL. Non-binary people are basically invisible.

My next step is to use evidence of this awesome step forward (along with the IPS evidence) to fully persuade people such as councils and banks that Mx and Misc are acceptable, and that non-binary people do exist.

Editing to add: Positive reinforcement is arguably more powerful! If you want to write a letter to them to say thank you, and to tell them what it means to you, their address is: UK Deed Poll Service, Freebournes Court, Witham, CM8 2BL.

Full list of organisations who accept Misc or Mx.


2 responses to “The UK Deed Poll Service: Mx

  1. kit September 26, 2011 at 4:37 pm

    I know it’s illegal for companies to refuse a deedpoll, but do you have any experience of problems with deedpolls if they’ve gone along with a title change request? I only ask because a friend of mine was changing his title to Mr, and my local doctor’s surgery decided to “lose” the deedpoll for a while because they didn’t want to change his gender in their system.

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