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Passport Positivity. Passportivity.

The original is here on my personal blog, but I thought this might come in handy for those of you who’re changing your names!

So, today has been awesome.

What with donations and purchases from PiP, I have managed to raise almost enough to get a new passport in my new name. I thought you’d like to hear about it.

First of all, I got new photos with my newly short hair. (It’s been short for about 3/4 years, but I got it cut today, so yay.) Then I took my gender info sheet with me, so that I wouldn’t have to explain everything in-depth again. Then when I filled in the form, there was a title field (I put Misc) and a sex field (I put F, due to I have a vag, and I’m guessing that’s what they want to know about?).

I spoke to the loveliest form-checker. She was really friendly and genuine and happy, and when I asked her about the unusual title, she said it was fine and she could write it on her paperwork, and if the processing people had any queries they could call me. AND THEN she asked to keep the gender info sheet, so that she could have a nosy through it between customers, and keep it on file for future reference. She was properly interested and awesome about it all.

What a legend. LEG. END.


2 responses to “Passport Positivity. Passportivity.

  1. Alex Brett June 25, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    … I am delighted to hear that that worked, and now wishing I’d found out about Misc as a title before it came to reapplying for my own passport!

    • Cassian June 25, 2011 at 7:51 pm

      I still don’t really know whether or not my paperwork will have Misc on it, but passports don’t show titles. Mostly I am squeeing because when I asked Deed Poll UK about Misc, they said that they only accept titles that are accepted by “record holding bodies.” When I asked them to clarify which bodies these were, they just said, “we don’t know, people like the IPS?”

      I then proceeded to email the IPS, who said they didn’t accept Misc, and they also don’t know what I should do to get it accepted. They advised me to contact a lawyer.

      Whatever. If my gender (or lack thereof) should be protected by law, I’m damn well going to insist that they use Misc or similar.

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