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O! Facebook! Sort it out!

Once upon a time Facebook was our new shiney love, innocent and free. It did not have a genderfield, giving the genderly interesting a rest from the binary choice field. Alas those days are gone, and the choice is male or female.Despair (or mild annoyance, depends really) rules the inter-lands.

BUT NO! There is an answer. This is a nice and clear how to video from Simon Bayaidah,  taken from and found for GQUK by Cassian. It involves using Safari, but I expect there are workrounds for other browsers. If anyone manages Firefox, Opera, etc versions please let us know and we’ll post them.


One response to “O! Facebook! Sort it out!

  1. Andrew Kay June 20, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Nice. If you don’t use Safari, you can do it with Javascript in pretty much any browser. Copy and paste each of these lines into the address bar and hit enter. Then whichever option you select, when you save your changes, your gender will be unset. Amusingly, the text on the page refers to it as your gender but in the HTML it’s referred to as your sex.



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