Genderqueer in the UK

All the information you need to be recognised outside of the gender binary

Department for Work and Pensions: Misc

An envelope addressed to the author using the title Misc.

Click to enlarge this marvellous item. It’s an envelope from the Department for Work and Pensions. I sent them a letter to tell them about my identity, which contained my deed poll for my new name, and an information sheet about genderqueer titles and pronouns, among other things. They sent my deed poll and information sheet back to me and I received it today. Yes, that’s the title Misc in front of my name on the envelope, there.

The DWP, at least a small part of it, has recognised a gender-neutral title.

Have you had Misc or Mx recognised by any organisations, small or large? Leave a comment, and link to pages where you’ve written about it, and we’ll include it in our as yet unpublished genderqueer-friendly organisations database.

(Inspired by this and the passport success yesterday, I’ve written to all the remaining organisations that need to know about the new name. I will let you know about all the responses.)

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